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What is a typical day in the Galapagos islands?


There is no typical day in Galapagos!

Expect the unexpected with magnificent wildlife on a daily basis whether it be penguins, iguanas or boobies ...... swimming with  sea lions, manta rays or hammerheads .... there will be something different every day  making your trip a unique and magical experience!
So why not join us and follow in the footsteps of Darwin for an unforgettable cruise around the
magnificent  Galapagos Islands.

Please click here to see article written by Ania Mudrewicz published in Opulence Magazine
or to view  our 15 minute film on Galapagos please click on the link below:

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Galapagos Classic Cruises in conjunction with Classic Cruises and World Adventures was established by Ania Mudrewicz over 24 years ago and all tours and programmes are based on her extensive knowledge and experience from years of travel, study and research all over the world but with particular emphasis on Latin America. Her enthusiasm for sailing, wildlife and photography has allowed her to combine her interests and focus on the Galapagos Islands.

A whole range of Galapagos cruises have been created, with a variety of boats ranging from economy to luxury from  traditional sailing yachts to larger motor vessels, catering for everyone's needs. All cruises offer 2-3 shore excursions daily with plenty of time for swimming and snorkeling in between. Additionally, some boats offer extra diving in combination with  shore excursions and  for dive enthusiasts there are a selection of livaboard boats dedicated to diving - of which 25% of marine life is endemic to Galapagos.  Whatever your choice, your cruise can also be combined with tours to mainland Ecuador - to the Andes, Cotopaxi, Otavalo, Cuenca and the Amazon with add-ons to Machu Picchu in Peru or Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.

For every passenger who goes to the Galapagos Islands, Galapagos Classic Cruises donates 15 to the Galapagos Conservation Trust, which promotes all conservation issues on the islands. Passengers also get to become members for one year and are updated on all events.

Other destinations include Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Easter Island, Costa Rica,  Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Peru, Falkland Islands, French Polynesia, The Marquesas, Fiji, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Croatia, Arctic and Antarctica.

All tours are tailor-made to suit individual requirements or groups.

Specialists in adventure, cruises and diving holidays, other activities include: trekking, bird watching, white-water rafting, steam train touring, horse-riding, fishing, or just relaxing on a lovely pristine beach. It's up to you. You tell us what you want and we will put it together for you.

I hope you will join us for a trip of a lifetime!


Ania Mudrewicz

Ania has a BA Hons in Latin American Studies and post grad in Spanish business studies and has been an Elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society since 1991

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 Galapagos Diving and special offers

This is what BBC Presenter Paul Rose thought
 about his trip to Galapagos with us:

"I had expected a lot from this trip and my Galapagos journey exceeded all of my expectations! Our host in the Galapagos  did a fantastic job. Nothing was too much trouble and she made certain that everyone's needs were satisfied and she did all of her work in great style. I wish she worked for me!

Our Nature Guide was a great man. I have never met such a brilliant nature guide. He has an affinity to the ecosystems that would be hard to beat and combines his natural ability, university education, passion and love for his islands into a world class guiding and education style. It is because of his work that I feel so confident about the way that the Galapagos is being managed. It is a great example of how to operate truly responsible and sustainable tourism."

BBC Presenter Paul Rose  -   Paul Rose's home page




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This site is Sample Tours and Boats, more information being added all the time so if you can't find the tour you want then contact Ania Mudrewicz   by E-mail:- at Galapagos Classic Cruises. The Web Site is in the process of being updated and reconstructed.  Other destinations apart from Galapagos are:  Amazon, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Fiji, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Arctic and Antarctica.