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Rosemarie and Robert Paterson, UK   November 2019


Courtney Rose,   NYC   September 2019

We absolutely loved our trip from start to finish.  The highlights were, of course, Machu Pichu and the Galapagos.  Your suggestions were invaluable for example the Belmont at Machu Pichu and the mini trek on the Inca trail – it made the whole experience of seeing the site even more special; the train in Ecuador was superb (even though the track was a bit hit and miss resulting in time on buses!) – it gave us access to areas and communities we would not otherwise have had, and your Galapagos boat suggestion – it was perfect and we had the best guide in the Islands, Sophia (I bet everyone says that!).

 The service we had from your local agents was brilliant – you, of course, know about the hiccup on the flight from Lima, but the agents made up for their mix up with upgrades and complimentary meals as well as a no quibble money return for a night missed in The Monastery.

 We would have no hesitation in recommending you and your team.



First, a big thanks to Ania at Galapagos Classic Cruises, who handled every single detail of the trip with perfection and patience. There were a lot of moving parts and Ania was flawless in ensuring a smooth trip. She prepared a well-rounded itinerary for my partner and I to experience the Galapagos Islands to the fullest. This was really a life changing adventure. Having just returned from our 8 day Galapagos experience, there are still visions of land and marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies  and giant tortoises floating in our heads. What an experience! 

Travelling to the Galapagos Islands is an experience of a lifetime; the beauty of the flora and fauna is truly unbelievable. We had originally booked the Golondrina expedition, however upon arrival in Santa Cruz, we were very pleasantly surprised to find out that Ania had arranged for us to be upgraded to the Golondrina’s larger sister ship, the Fragata. The boat and staff were wonderful. Each day we would be at a different island with its unique characteristics, threaded together by beauty and biodiversity. Cabins were nicely sized with plenty of storage and very comfortable. Our cabin was cleaned at least once a day. The staff was truly outstanding. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, went out of their way to provide incredible service. The naturalist/expedition leader, Capitan, dining room staff, zodiac drivers, etc., were always smiling and always there to help. 

Our naturalist guide showed patience, pride and a vast amount of information regarding each living thing in the Galapagos. He spoke of how the stability of the environment in one area of the world made a difference in the Galapagos and its future. The landscape, wildlife and bird viewing were all so stunning. In the water snorkelling, traversing white sandy beaches and volcanic rock, we were surrounded by just about every endemic species to these islands – the sea turtles, sharks and rays darting past us, and the birds, iguanas, tortoises and sea lions resting on the trails. Visiting the Galapagos Islands in Darwin’s footsteps was truly an exquisite adventure. 



Ruthie and Jim Henderson, US, May 2018


Heather Dyte and Katherine Earl, UK.   April 2018.

Hello Dear Ania,

We are back home and still "swooning" over the magnificent adventure we experienced!!

It is going to take us a while to "process" everything as each day was action-packed!  Ania, we cannot thank YOU enough for the excellent arrangements you made for us.  EVERYTHING went so smoothly -  each transfer was on time waiting for us, the guides were all superior and the BELUGA was great!  The people on our cruise were super - could not have handpicked a better, more congenial group!  Juan was our naturalist and he was the best!  He said he knew you and your friend Sarah Darling.  We met Sarah briefly on the way back from the Darwin Center and she spoke highly of you. We thought we would get to see her later that day, but we were running late after seeing the tortoises on the ranch and didn't get to go see her again which disappointed us.

We LOVED everything we saw in Peru (Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca/Uros, etc.) and Ecuador (Quito and the Galapagos). I have never had a birthday I will remember more than this one THANKS to YOU!!  I was serenaded on the train, which by the way was like the Orient Express with its elegance and divine service!  Then, I was serenaded on the boat the first night with singing and a special cake!  I had three cakes = one at the Cusco Novotel Hotel, one on the train, and one on the Beluga!!  WOW, double WOW!!  It was the most special birthday ever!  Thank you, Ania, for memories I will never forget!!!  The Inca civilization and the nature in the Galapagos were all mind-blowing!

 It should make you feel good about your South American business contacts because everything was like clockwork with them!!

 We could not have been more pleased with our services when there!! I will highly recommend you to anyone who would like to plan a South American trip.  Who knows?  We may want to go again and explore other places there:)

Hope ALL is well with you!
It has been a wonderful pleasure working with you...I'm going to miss you:)
Thanks forever, Ania!

Best wishes always,
Ruthie and Jim


‘We are now back in Rio after an amazing time in the Galapagos. We thought the cruise was fantastic and had a brilliant time snorkelling with sharks, rays and penguins!

Thank you so much for making that happen (for a third time!) and your patience and help with everything. We really do appreciate how much time you took to help us and your understanding of our situation. We really think you went above and beyond your job description and we are immensely grateful for it.’

My friend and I booked our 3 night, 4 day cruise on the Archipell II through Galapagoscruises.co.uk . Ania was very quick to answer my initial emails and quickly got to grips with what we wanted and what our time and budget would permit. She was extremely helpful in giving us ideas of activities and what she thought would suit us best, based on our interests. Ania sent us a very detailed email with all the boat options and gave us her experienced opinion about them and the different islands. Additional options such as diving and activities in mainland Ecuador could have easily been added on. It was all very easy and painless considering the number of options to decide on!

The actual cruise went beyond my expectations. The staff were attentive and helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Gustavo, our guide was excellent, very knowledgeable about all the wildlife and it was obvious he cared deeply about the conservation of the Galapagos. The boat itself was spotlessly clean, the cabins spacious enough and there was ample space in the lounge and top deck for relaxing. The food was plentiful, fresh and delicious and it was nice to be able to have tea and coffee whenever you wanted. Whenever we returned from an activity there would be a drink and a snack waiting for us.

The walks and snorkelling combinations allowed us to see as much of the wildlife as possible and were even lucky enough to snorkel with penguins! We never felt rushed by Gustavo and generally we had a good amount of time to appreciate and photograph all the fantastic wildlife. We left the boat after 3 nights but we were very envious of all those who had elected to stay a week or more on the Archipell!

We both thoroughly enjoyed our trip to this amazing place and Ania and her team made the whole process as easy and simple as possible. I would highly recommend booking with her company.

Dr. & Mrs. Brewis March 2012


Rachel and Stuart  March 2012


From Polly Dryden April 2008


From Allen and Sylvia Taylor 12th January 2004


From Tony Norwood 1st September 2003


From  Colin Jackson (BBC) 8th January 2001


From Robert Page 27th March 2000


From Angela and Bruce Singleton 16th March 1999


Rebecca Chitty 25th November 1997


From Barry 6th May 1997


From Victoria, Dominic, James and Thomas Hickie 4th February 1997



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