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  We organise cruises from 4-15 days  

 The itineraries below are only a few examples of what we can put together for you.
Whether you are travelling on your own or in a group, all tours can be tailor made to suit individual requirements -
please  call 020 8933 0613 to speak to a specialist or e mail info@galapagoscruises.co.uk to organise your dream trip.

14 nights


 Quito-Cotopaxi-Devil's Nose Train-Cuenca-Cajas-7 night Galapagos cruise
(For examples of add ons such as the Amazon,  Otavalo, Pacific coast and Galapagos islands hopping, see below)


18 nights


 Quito - Otavalo - Cotopaxi - Devils Nose-Cuenca -Amazon - 7 night Galapagos cruise.
This is the same as above although I have included 1 day at Otavalo Market
with lunch at a lovely country hacienda and a 4 night extension at one of our prestige’s Amazon lodges either Sacha Lodge or Napo Wildlife Centre.
You will be based in a double cabin with en suite facilities and netting with veranda with hammock to relax after walks in the surrounding area.
All tours are guided and include canopy tower viewpoints, parrot lick excursions and canoe trips.
All meals are taken at the lodge.


16 nights


 Quito-Bella vista Cloud Forest-Papallacta Thermal Springs-Route of the Sun following the Pacific Coast to Puerto Lopez
visiting traditional fishing villages-whale watching option (when is season) -Isla de la Plata-Guayaquil -
7 night Galapagos cruise.


20 nights


20 nights with Amazon extension 24 or 25 nights


16 nights


 2 nights Quito and 2 week comprehensive Galapagos cruise covering all the main islands and including an excursion to the Sierra Negra Volcano in Isabela.


15 nights


 2 nights Quito/7 night cruise/6 night extension on the islands 2 nights Quito,
7 night cruise and 6 night extension on 2 or 3 of the inhabited islands where you can explore at your own pace -
the perfect way to relax after your cruise!


Diving options 

 You can do occasional diving on some of the boats at an additional charge or you can do shore based diving after your cruise with packages from 2-7 nights.
For dive enthusiasts there are also a few boats that do dive dedicated cruises including Wolf and Darwin
where you may see many schooling hammerheads, whale sharks, spotted eagle rays, red-lipped bat fish and manta rays,
not to mention sea lions that accompany you on almost every dive.



Day 1 Fly to Quito. Overnight at 3/4/5 star hotel or colonial house in Quito (according to your request)
Day 2 World Cultural Heritage Tour of the Historical centre followed by a tour to the Equatorial Line Monument where you can put one foot in the northern hemisphere and one foot in the south!
Day 3 Avenue of the Volcanoes Tour starting from Quito, including Cotopaxi, the highest active volcano on earth travelling south via Banos to Riobamba. Overnight in Riobamba.
Day 4 Depart by train for an exhilarating ride through beautiful Andean scenery on the Devil's nose railway. After lunch visit the Incapirca ruins before arriving at Cuenca, the colonial jewel of the south.
Day 5 Morning tour of Cuenca and rest of the day at leisure. Overnight in Cuenca
Day 6 Depart Cuenca via Cajas National Park which contains over 200 lakes and overnight in Guayaquil
Day 7 Depart Guayaquil for 90 minute flight to Galapagos. Itineraries may vary according to the boat you are on. Afternoon swim with the sea lions on a pristine white sandy beach and crystal clear blue water. Evening sunset cruise at Kicker Rock spotting blue footed boobies and magnificent frigate birds on the rocks!
Day 8 Genovesa - one of the most spectacular islands for bird species including red footed boobies, Nazca Boobies, Darwin Finches, the elusive Short Eared Owl and large colonies of  Frigate Birds where males inflate their red throat poaches in order to attract a mate.
Day 9 Fernandina - Punta Espinosa with its incredible lava fields and houses the largest colony of marine iguanas and flightless cormorants. Visit to Tagus Cove in Isabela where you can observe graffiti on cliffs of previous sailors dating back to the 1800's. Explore by dinghy or kayak and observe penguins, pelicans and boobies.
Day 10 Santiago - Stroll along the shoreline looking for marine iguanas, American Oystercatchers and Yellow-crowned Night Herons. Afternoon visit to Sombrero Chino where there are good opportunities to swim with Sea Lions and observe the Galapagos Hawk.
Day 11 Bartolome - Here you will do a short climb for the best panoramic view of the Galapagos Islands and their lunar type landscape. Whilst on top, you can observe a submerged volcano. There will be a great opportunity to swim here with sea lions, penguins, turtles, tropical fish and the occasional white tip shark.  Afternoon visit to North Seymour to observe frigate birds, land iguanas and blue footed boobies.
Day 12 Santa Cruz and the famous Charles Darwin Research Station where you can visit  Giant Tortoises including Lonesome George, the last surviving member from Pinta Island.  Afternoon visit of the highlands, visits to a lava tube and time at leisure to stroll through the town of Puerto Ayora where you can touch base with civilisation, buy souvenirs, mail postcards or visit the internet cafes.
Day 13

Espanola - This is one of the highlights of the trip.  Punta Suarez with large colonies of blue-footed and Nazca Boobies, Sea Lions, Red-billed Tropicbirds, Galapagos Doves and Hawks, colourful Sally Light-foot Crabs and Marine Iguanas traces of red and green colouring.  You may also see the Waved Albatross, found only  here, and may be lucky enough to see their famous mating dance accompanied by bill clicking and head waving. After lunch you will have time to relax on Gardner Bay - an endless stretch of white sandy and clear water where you will encounter numerous sea lions and Galapagos mocking birds. Back on board; enjoy the Captain's Farewell cocktail followed by a briefing and dinner.  Don't miss out on your last opportunity to go out on deck and observe a sky full of stars!

DAY 14 Visit to the Interpretation Centre in San Cristobal for a more complete understanding of the natural and intriguing human history of the islands before heading to the airport for your flight back to Quito.  Overnight in Quito.
DAY 15  Depart Quito in the morning for your flight back home.

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